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It looks like cos forums has closed for good.


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  • October 2014
  • I'm currently watching Alfie Enoch in ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. His American accent is really good.
    September 2014
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    September 2014
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    September 2014
  • I wish there was a button to indicate that we liked what someone said. Not that we thought it was "awesome" or "insightful", but that we just simply liked it.
    September 2014
    • Samch92
      Like the old days, before the new system..miss those days...everything was much simple
    • Nick
  • September 1, 1939: Nazi Germany invades Poland and Tom Marvolo Riddle begins his first year at Hogwarts.
    September 2014
  • The boxofficemojo site used to have forums. Those were discontinued, but there were some others that took its place. I used to occasionally visit one of them, but can't remember its name.
    August 2014
    • Cathy2315
      Never mind. I found the site for which I was looking.
  • July 2014
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    July 2014
  • Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion (D-Day).
    June 2014
  • Ann B. Davis (Alice from The Brady Bunch) died today.
    June 2014
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    May 2014
  • I would like my ability to start threads to be reinstated. Thank you.
    May 2014
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    April 2014
  • Did anyone see the Rosemary's Baby mini-series commercial on NBC this evening? Jason Isaacs is going to be in it!
    April 2014
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    April 2014
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    April 2014