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Divergent Series - Allegiant Official Thread



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    Even though they are diverging a bit from the book, this trailer makes me even more excited. Heck that's actually the point of an adaptation: by definition it is "a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment". What works i na boo does not necessarily work in a movie, and thus far the Divergent movies have done a fairly great job of being loyal to the overall plot of the books while making it not only as enjoyable but comprehendible for those who have not read the initial story. As such, the diverging of it all actually makes it even more exciting for me as I have a new experience with a story that I am already familiar with that could very well be just as good or better.As it is, it seems like they made the changes for the better
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    Shai & Theo want YOUR #Allegiant questions! Use #AskAllegiant now and tune-in tomorrow at 10:30AM PST to see them answered LIVE!
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    Latest trailer for the film reminds me of the kind of feelings felt when seeing the Force Awakens trailer for how spectacular in many senses it was: visually, emotionally, and thrillingly
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    If your movie theatre offers Super tickets (movie tickets at a higher price that enable you to get an early digital copy) then buying them will help The Divergent Series: Allegiant to do well as over 90% of it will go towards the movie's gross. Even though they've said that The Divergent Series: Ascendant's movie (the grand finale of The Divergent Series movies) will still be happening with a trimmed budget, they could still change their minds about it later. If you or anyone that you know wants Ascendant to happen, then I'd suggest seeing Allegiant's movie as many times as you can, each time paying for those Super Tickets if possible.
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    As of right now it is still not officially confirmed whether Ascendant, the fourth and final Divergent movie, is still happening, but if The Divergent Series: Allegiant sells well on Home Media, then it will help support Ascendant happening. They are so close to the finish line with only the resolving conclusion left to go; they cannot just leave the movie series at this point without it.

    With them cutting Ascendant's budget down, they will be able to return to the same kind of effort and essence that they had with the first Divergent movie, as well as the kind of effort and essence that was put into The Maze Runner movies, all of which were made with a similar kind of lower budget. The lower the budget means that they will be able to focus more on the script and overall content that they are trying to portray, rather than overdoing it with an abundance of CGI and other stylized effects.

    The release dates for Allegiant on 4K Blu ray/Blu ray/DVD are as follows:

    July 12 2016 - North America
    July 13 2016 - France
    July 27 2016 - Australia

    It will also be released on OnDemand and Digital HD Media on June 21 2016 in North America

    Any country or continent not listed here should have their Home Media formats of the movie released at around the same time or fairly close to/not much farther from those listed.
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