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Just as you thought that it was over...

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    good I hope you NEVER find it :)
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    He wanted to find the Twilight thread because he wanted to post some news, but he made a new thread for it instead.
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    Some of the people responding to it on facebook seem to think that they're making movies that will be in theaters and that Rob and Kristen will be starring in them again.
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    I need to investigate this further......im intrigued
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    edited October 2014
    This recent Twilight news trended on facebook for maybe 12 hours, if that. JKR's Rita Skeeter Quidditch World Cup article back in July trended for close to three days.
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    Cathy2315 said:

    This recent Twilight news trended on facebook for maybe 12 hours, if that. JKR's Rita Skeeter Quidditch World Cup article back in July trended for close to three days.

    I think we can objectively talk about these two now in terms of Legacy.

    Harry Potter was read and RESPECTED by more people worldwide and across more generations.

    Twilight garnered mass popularity but lost the respect of far far more fans than HP did.

    To put numbers on this would be hard but I think we can use memetics:

    The flow of information on the internet and across schools and universities shifted against Twilight's favor. We had pics day after day online making fun of the series and eventually people just accepted the fact... Twilight has questionable morals and is completely overdrawn through 4 books. There were no messages of literary value for anyone to pick up and try to rationalize with.

    Now strictly speaking Harry Potter hasn't enjoyed much better success with the Ivory Tower (something that is changing and will be changed by the time our grandchildren are in college) but it's respect among the masses is unparalleled.

    Take for example the girl who lost her entire family in one night thanks to her deranged uncle. She stood up on a platform in the most serious and sad moment of her life and what did she do?

    Quoted Albus Dumbledore.

    I could go on but I'm in bed and need to shower. I will further investigate HP's legacy over other YA novels soon enough when the weather gets colder.

    Y'all have a good afternoon.

    P.S. My mom is excited about these spin off movies :-t
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    Here are the latest fb likes, date of the first movie release, and fb ranking for six YA series:

    1. Harry Potter/Nov 2001/74M/#14
    2. Twilight/Nov 2008/47M/#52
    3. Hunger Games/Mar 2012/20M/#199
    4. Mortal Inst/Aug 2013/1M/?
    5. Divergent/March 2014/3M/?
    6. Maze Runner/Sept 2014/1M/?

    Harry Potter already had five movies well-received movies out before Twilight's first one, so its fan base was understandably much larger. Twilight had four movies released prior to The Hunger Games's first one. You'll notice that even though The Mortal Instruments had its first movie release in Aug 2013, seven months prior to Divergent, its number of likes is equal to The Maze Runner. I believe this can be attributed to the studio's unwillingness to put out another TMI movie.

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    New book is coming - and it's pretty much a rewrite of the first one just with the characters genders swapped. *Head Desk*.


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