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DIRECT HATE - My school assignment

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So my school assignment was to make a project based on our Galician lyrics, which are a very important part of the Brazilian Literature's history. We decided to make a short film. But we wouldn't be able to afford making something set in the Galician times, so we made a story about a Galician lyric these characters wrote as their assignment. We ended up with this crazy supernatural trash story. This was shot in two days, and edited in the next morning, to be presented in that day's afternoon (!). We got an A and our classmates really liked it, so I decided to subtitle it and put it on YouTube to see what you guys think of it. Obviously you get laughable acting, dialogue, mixed with some horror elements and references.

I had to adapt a lot of the dialogue because we set it in our school, which is a military school, and a lot of the expressions we used are exclusively referent to our school, and don't exist in other "normal" schools. And I also had to come up with names for these lyrics types, so I summed them up in two tipes: Love and Hate, splitting Hate into indirect (when you write a lyric bashing someone but don't mention their name) and direct (where you do it mentioning the person's name). I hope I made the story clear for other countries.

So yeah, I'd really appreciate if you guys gave me your opinion about it :)
Here it is:



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