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Morse's Confession Like Thread - Malice, Ballet, Runaways, and More.

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Like away.

1). When I was three, after pre-school, I'd go to my grandmothers house and practice my ballet. My aunt is very young (she was 9 at the time) and she did ballet. She had a very big influence on me, so I wanted to do it too.

2). In Kindergarden, I was fighting with a classmate of mine. While we was going to get a toy, I tripped him (no one saw) and his head cracked open. Blood spilled and everything. I feel so guilty to this day. He is alright of course.

3). I once ran away from home. I was two blocks away, with a sport bag. I thought things through though. I was being overly dramatic, over a silly thing too. I came back. No one knows.

4). When I was littler, I was convinced Hilary Duff was my wife. She was my first celebrity crush. I had Lizzie McGuire DvD's and everything. Again, that was between me and myself.
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Mysterious thing time.
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