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Brookhurst- Beware the Shadows, Suffer the Children: RPG

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Brookhurst is a small village on an island in the North Atlantic. The village was founded over 800 years ago and has grown in size since then. Through out time they have had little to no contact with the ministry outside the village, the same goes with foreign peoples. Some move in and others out, but mostly everyone knows everyone and that is just how it has been. Until recently...

Recently children have been going missing. Again. And this time the ministry has sent a young investigator to look into the disappearances. The town doesn't seem at all pleased about this, but the mystery of the town and the children may yet be solved, for better or worse.

What is happening to the children?

Why is the ministry now getting involved?

What are the citizens of Brookhurst hiding?

Come become a member of the town and help solve the mystery with the ministry, or keep the secret safe as a townsperson.

Brookhurst: Beware the Shadows, Suffer the Children



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