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Harry potter help...

keetkeet Posts: 600
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Okay we need to get this forum back on to HARRY POTTER!

So this discussion is about if you never understood anything in the harry potter books.

At first i didn't quite get the whole horcruxes thing, but the second time i read it it became more clear to me.

So..... feel free to leave a comment :)


  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379
    i didnt get the whole horcrux thing either
  • yeah actually...can someone explain to me why draco was the true master of the elder wand please?
  • rabastanrabastan Posts: 403
    edited September 2009
    [quote=GriffindorsFinest!]why draco was the true master of the elder wand[/quote]
    because he expelliarmed Dumbledore at the Astronomy tower.

    btw, I didn't understand at first reading the weird-baby crying thing at King's Cross. But then it came clearer

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  • I love the books but actually, i thought that the books should of had more. I really thought that in book seven when ron left harry and hermoine. That harry and hermoine were together alone, in a tent on cold winter nights. This is the Harry Potter, famous chosen one that all girls want, and this is hermoine, a hot muggle born witch. They did have poly juice potion too, I think that did it, Miss Rowling just didn;t want to put it in the book, but I know they got down and that tent got hot and steamy and they made some nice music. Rowling herself probably imagined it but never put it there, but one does wonder though. Alone, together in a tent on a cold winters night. I imagine that all the time.......
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