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Amazing scene shot today

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It was the Last days shoot for actors Natalia Tonks, David Thewlis, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Mark Williams, Warwick Davis and Robbie Coltrane.

The scene was in the school hospital and had Harry informing everyone of Dumbledores death.

And let me say what a chilling scene. Ive not had goosbumps that bad in all my time on set.

Julie Walters was fantastic.

Ginny ran over and hugged Harry as he told everyone the grim news. Julie walters burst into tears, Maggie Smith was equally angry and devastated.

Im truely excited to see this on screen.

David Yates was talkin to Julie walters about her coming back 'this time next year' and she asked about 'the line', he tapped his nose and said 'its in'

Now im asuming its 'not my daughter you bitch' from Film 8, which will also be given a brand new title.
Theres rumours doin the rounds that the Producers will ask JK Rowling to come up with a title for the 8th film!

Anyway there was a little party for the actors, everyone was very supportive of Maggie who will be resting up over the summer.

It was just a wonderful day all round!


  • bbgbbg Posts: 15
    YES! I'm so glad that line from DH is in!!!
  • bbgbbg Posts: 15
    wait, the reason in the book for being in the hospital wing was because of bill, but he was cut from the movie, so why are they there in the movie?
  • Thranduil1990Thranduil1990 Posts: 108
    scoop, thank you very much, can you tell me more about dumbledore death? and more about the trailer, please
  • bbrook508bbrook508 Posts: 10
    wow im so excited and i just can't hide it!!!!

    can u tell me if ron, hermione, neville and luna are in the scene

    was anybody nearly killed and in a bed

    im glad they have done those scenes, its lovely they all support each other and maggie bless her, i pray that she gets better soon.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    Oh goooood.Yessss

    Well...At first it seems that Tonks,Lupin,McGonagall,Hagrid,Flitwick,Molly and Arthur are all involved in the battle at Hogwarts <3 Yeaaaahhh!

    Secondly, I'm so happy that you SCOOP say that this scene is that good. It has to be a really poignant and intense scene as well as the scene where everyone finds the dead body of Dumbledore and the funeral of course.Has the funeral been filmed?I really wonder...Logically it must have been but what if they cut it? I also long the scene where Fawkes is flying over the castle and the grounds and sings his chilling lament.

    Also, it seems to be really great that Maggie is doing such a fantastic job.She's powerful and she can handle the illness and I'm sure she will get really better in summer now that she wrapped shooting.Logically, she must have had some battle scenes which would have been difficult for her but I am positive.I think she'll do a perfect job, once again!

    Ohhhh...what else?I wonder which scenes are left now for shooting for the next seven days left.
    Anyway,I want a great battle at Hogwarts.Have they filmed the entirety of it?I'd love to know that, SCOOP. At least, some extra duels next week won't be bad.LOOOL.
    edited May 2008
    wow, cool! Seems like this will be an very intense scene, im looking forward to see this on screen. Yeah a big battle would be very cool, i mean this is the first time we see a battle in hogwarts, that will be so exiting!! I hope they dont take the Hermione/Bellatrix thing out. So actually the film really looks like a very very good Potter Film, i mean the cast wanted Halfblood Prince to be the Best Potter yet and i think they´ll get it!!
  • dobbymyherodobbymyhero Posts: 8
    edited May 2008
    Let me just say, Incredible!

    Three cheers for Maggie Smith HIP HIP HORRAY!

    I'm with bbg, are they bringing Bill into the mix? I hope they do, I really want the wedding between him and fleur to be written in the 7th film.
  • Abs92Abs92 Posts: 15
    This is great news thanks! Any more today?
  • UniversHarryPotter.cUniversHarryPotter.c Posts: 4,205 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2008
    Normally Emma Watson and I think Rupert Grint

    Thank you very much Scoop for this transcript !
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    Emma is having some shooting today according to the programme on her site.
  • grillzggrillzg Posts: 253
    SCOOP what is the exact date of the trailer release......pls reply.
    u just start a discussion and do not reply to any of our questions.
    was emma on set today. it says she should be on her website.
    were u on set 2day......
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Hmm, why not dig up one of Michael's threads and call HIM a liar? He was worse than Scoop.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    Are you supposed to be David Yates? (laughs)
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Lmao, imagine if David Yates actually came on here, and left one word: "Liar", lol
  • kinalikinali Posts: 3
    Scoop how do you know all this man ? :D
    I hope that it will come a 8th movie !
  • yonythemoonyyonythemoony Posts: 5,638 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The hospital scene was practically "Oh, Dumbledore died? I didn't know. By the way, Tonks loves Lupin, and Bill could turn into a werewolf". And it doesn't had to do with Yates. In Kloves's script, they show Hagrid talking to Harry after Snape's escape, and asking for Dumbledore, and then, going to the wand raising scene.
  • TheDoctorTheDoctor Posts: 3,941 ✭✭✭✭✭
    still doesn't compare to dream_silently
  • aaronaaron Posts: 20,950 mod

    His description of the cave sounded amazing too!

    There was a huge rocky wall with a crevase sticking out into the lake. There was a small boat docked into the rocks and on the raised rocks there was a stalegtite with a font sticking out from it. There was a greenish glow coming from the bowl.

    The scene was shot on a crane camera and showed Dumbledore drinking water from the font! He was screaming 'Kill me' and 'no More' but Harry just kept feeding him the water. Then they cut and did another set up.

    They got massive wind machines and blasted Harry. Dumbledore was slumped against the font and Harry was firing spells from his wand. It kind of reminded me of when they were filming the veil for film5. The camera was zooming in and out and craning everywere. Then Harry picked him up and Dumbledore was leaning on Harry. Most of the dialogue was inaudible because of the wind machines.

    Sigh...no greenish glow!! :(

    BTW, how many posts do I have to make again before I can make my own topics?

    Stafford made you a full member (validated by the fact that you're listed as a Student on your profile, not a first year :P ) so there should be an option on the left at the homepage that allows you to start a new discussion.
  • mattStrelowmattStrelow Posts: 3,183 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Reading this is awesome, I can't believe it's been five years since we were approaching the news of HBP being pushed back. Remember that amazing teaser trailer? I was literally eleven years old.

    Regarding those descriptions, I must agree with some points you guys are making right now. While Half Blood Prince is absolutely amazing, it's probably one of the Harry Potter movies where I would make the biggest number of changes.

  • mattStrelowmattStrelow Posts: 3,183 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You have to be promoted, I'm afraid. I don't know how many posts you should get until you're able to create a thread.

  • mattStrelowmattStrelow Posts: 3,183 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ask a moderator, maybe they'll promote you right away

  • aaronaaron Posts: 20,950 mod
    He is promoted, but for some reason it's not letting him create a discussion. I have no idea why.
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