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The story behind your screen name...

LizLiz Posts: 2,309 ✭✭✭✭
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After changing my screen name from Howl_Storm (which is actually my Pottermore name) to Liz_Pixie22 the curiosity of screen names and how you chose them rose in me and some fellow HPF members. So. I made this thread to find out how each one of you came up with your HPF screen name and what made you decide on that name.
I will start with mine :)
I chose Liz_Pixie22 because. obviously, my name is Elizabeth, but I go by Liz, and I love pixies and fairies. 22 just happens to be my favorite number. (I had help from some HPF members picking my new screen name).

So, what are the origins of your screen name?


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