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POTTERMORE THREAD (set of all the information collected & photos)

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Ok since there are so many threads about Pottermore and there is such a big confusion about what is going to happen I think that we should post here every news or information about it. Please, post either old or new stuff because as we can see there is a lot of information going around in different threads and it gets confusing because we have to join every piece in order to fully understand what happened and what is going to happen in the next days, weeks and months.

Some things that should be posted here:
- General info about Pottermore
- Any breaking news
- What happened in each day of the quill
- What should we wait for
- Every detail that you think it is important in order to predict how things are going to work
- Blogs, sites and stuff that have any new info or things that happened to other Potter fans using Pottermore
- And a lot more x)

Please guys, I'm asking for you to do this not only for me (I'm a little confused too and trying to put everything together) but for everyone in HPF!

I ask of you that if you wish to post any information to put the number before it in order for we to have some organisation. Here are some facts and some theorys based on pieces of information seen here in HPF, facebook, pottermore.com or other websites.
Pottermore - ThestralStorm79

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