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Half Blood Prince Jokes Thread

HP#1 fanHP#1 fan Posts: 2
edited July 2009 in General
OMG! How flipping funny was it when this happened...
Hermione: How old is Dumbledore?
Ron: 'Bout 150 give or take a few years.
ROFLOLMAO copters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone else got any other good ones.


  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    lol copters!?!
    Yeah that was rly funny!
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    "Good to see you, Wenby" + Ron's face = priceless

    "Fancy a drink, darling?"

    "And the pincers" *click click click click*

    Luna about the pygmy puff "They've been said to sing on boxing day, you know?"

    Amongst other things.
  • horcrux98horcrux98 Posts: 129

    yeah i loved the pincer thing the hole room filled with laughter and woke up my dad(his face was just as funny)

    Hermione to Lavendar: "YOU DUMB DIMBO!"
  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    Oh everyone keeps saying about the pincer thing, i must have missed it when i went 4 a wee!
    i'll just have to go and see it again......!
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    [quote=keet]Oh everyone keeps saying about the pincer thing, i must have missed it when i went 4 a wee!
    i'll just have to go and see it again......! [/quote]

    : o

    You do, it was one of the funniest things in the movie. When did you walk out? Cause Harry walks to Hagrid's via the greenhouse and gets Slughorn to go with him, they walk down to the hut where Hagrid and Fang are stood over Aragog's body. They say something about people being irrationally afraid of spiders, and Hagrid says "It must be the eyes" and Harry goes "Not to mention the pincers" and does pincer movements with his fingers and clicks with his tongue at the same time XD

  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    Oh danm it, well i went 4 a wee about 4 times coz i bought this massive slush puppy thing!
    I dont remember the scene ur describing! was it funny!? oh im gunna have 2 drag some more ppl 2 go see it with me!
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited July 2009
    Oh definitely, one of the highlights of the movie. Dan is absolutely brilliant at doing comedy. At least on a par, if not better than Rupert. And that entire scene was just constant laughter from start to finish.

    Harry starts off up in the common room with Ron and Hermione and they make a plan for Harry to take the felix for luck, and then go straight to Slughorn to get the memory (Hermione's worked out that he eats dinner in the great hall, then goes for a walk around the castle, so Harry has to catch up with him). Anyway, Harry takes the felix and says he's going to Hagrid's. Hermione and Ron are shocked, and Harry tells them to trust him, cause going down to Hagrid's feels like the right thing to do. He turns to walk out of the common room, unusually happy, and as he walks past some students who are walking in, he says "Hi!" in a hilariously upbeat way.

    Then we cut to Slughorn, who is alone in the greenhouses. He's opened a window and, looking out for anybody who might see what he's up to, get's out some secateurs and starts trying to chop bits of venomous tentacular off, cause it's valuable. Then Harry walks past him, does a double take, and walks over to him, making Slughorn jump. After telling Slughorn how much venomous tentacular "creeps him out", Harry turns around and starts walking toward the door to the grounds. Slughorn shouts "Harry!" and Harry turns around, sort of hunches his shoulders and whispers back "Sir!". Slughorn replies "You know I can't allow you to go walking around the grounds alone at this hour!" and Harry whispers back "Well then by all means come with me sir" and walks off. Then we see the two of them walking down the slopes and Slughorn says "We really should turn around and go back Harry" and Harry replies "But that would be counter-productive sir", Slughorn says "Oh really, and what makes you say that?" and Harry says "I don't know sir".

    And then the aragog scene happens. Dan just basically acts as if he's high throughout this whole scene and it's completely side-splitting XD
  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    [quote=Wilbo421] "You know I can't allow you to go walking around the grounds alone at this hour!" and Harry whispers back "Well then by all means come with me sir" and walks off.[/quote]

    Lol wilbo i just laughed out loud reading that bit!
    I must have missed the whole bloody scene! it does sound funny!
    How many times have u seen it wilbo? i deffinitley wanna go again, and im not taking a drink in this time! the toilets were about 5 miles away from the cinema!
    I was just thinkin you know when the second part of deathly hallows has been released, what else is there gunna be to look forward to.....!?!
    also wilbo what does ur little pic thingy say?
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Well the ends have been chopped off, but it's one of the logos for my favourite band Incubus.

    I've seen it twice. Hoping to see it a third time sometime.
  • ive seen it four times lol..keeps getting better!
  • HP_addict23HP_addict23 Posts: 270
    yeah ! i agree !the pincer part is so funny ! ahahah
  • Oh my god! The pincer thing is hilarious!!!! I laughed my head off about it in the cinema. And then the Harry-Slughorn bit at the greenhouse was soo funny! When they are replying it sarcastic whispers. ROFL!!
  • TomRiddleTomRiddle Posts: 175
    I went to watch the film after having a huge joint and let me tell you, although I can't remember some parts of the film, it was utterly hilarious! And not just the bits that are supposed to be funny like you guys have meantioned, but things like Gambon's acting! It was just so amazing! I was the only one laughing my head off at the knitting pattern line and the humming and the little parts taken from the books that only I and my friends seemed to know. Emma Watson was so much better aswell. Harry off his head on Felix though, just the best thing ever. I was honestly crying with laughter when he said "Hi" and the pincer thing. But obviously, me being slightly worse for wear - then almost burst into tears at slughorn's story about how amazing Lilly Potter was and how beautiful her magic was and when the fish died he knew that it meant she had perished.

    To be honest alot of moments made me tear up, what made everyone else gutted? I think the saddest parts for me where the look on Molly and Ron's faces when the burrow is burning, when Harry touches the ring and dumbledore looks at him with tears in his eyes because he knows the truth about harry, all of Draco's little scenes - it was so harsh when he was crying or when he looks at harry in the great hall knowingly, the drink of despair (more so because I knew what Dumbledore was experiencing) and the music leading up to dumbledore's death with snape with his finger over his mouth. It's weird watching it knowing the truth about snape. Such an amazing film! And Bonnie Wright was not nearly as bad as alot of people have been saying, I thought she was splendid.
  • TomRiddleTomRiddle Posts: 175
    Essay over haha
  • ginny-x-wginny-x-w Posts: 64
    omg I LOVE HBP !
    i went to see it 4 a 3rd time today - cuz i am that sad loll
  • ginny-x-wginny-x-w Posts: 64
    btw - the pincers,
    ron - how much?
    gred and forge: 5
    ron - i'm your brother
    gred and forge: 10 galleons! lmao
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