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Can someone please explain the ending to the Deathly Hallows?

samuelpindersamuelpinder Posts: 1
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Right, i understand the elder wand being harrys and not voldemorts and that harry was the accidental 8th horcrux.
But what i dont understand is why harry lived in the end?
What was the significance of the hallows? how did they lead him to conquer death?
Why did harry not defending himself mean he did not die?
Can someone explain the prophecy, neither can live while the other survives?? because harry lived and voldemort died in the end...
how did voldemort having harrys blood + lilys protection have any significance (oh and can someone explain what lilys protection is...it may be explained in one of the earlier books)

I assume that creature thing is the part of voldemort that is removed when he is hit with the killing curse, but why did the killing curse not kill harrys soul aswell?
can anyone please help explain this ending, i think JK rowling has left it a bit open ended and open to your own interpretation but id rather someone explain it a bit better.


  • Miss BellatrixMiss Bellatrix Posts: 3
    Harry was the 7th Horcrux. Voldemort didn't mean for that to happen and did not know that it happened. Lily's protection is acient magic and when Voldemort came back to life in book 4 he didn't think of that acient magic "love". He made himself harry's horcrux so to say. so in doing you can't die truely if you have a horcrux .voldemort was harry's horcrux. that is how harry came back to life in the forrest. My best advice to you is gback and reread books 4-7 to truely understand everything. as for the 19 yrs later she left alot out from the time of the war at hogwarts and then, so you and I can only guess. that is the fun of imagination!! Hope this helps.
  • "neither can live while the other survives" means only one can live
    that was harry

    and lily's protection is her LOVE for harry and the sacrifice she made for him
    (aka. died to save him)

    yeah, u shud reread the series
    so u understand better
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  • ElderWand98ElderWand98 Posts: 20
    The Elder Wand wouldn't kill Harry because he was its master.
    And there's also the fact Voldemort took Harry's blood & his mother's sacrifice and 'kept it alive'.

    "I am the true master of the Elder Wand"
  • RustyBonesRustyBones Posts: 470 ✭✭✭
    Follow the wand. You're questions will be answered if you follow the misadventures of wand ownership.

  • RustyBonesRustyBones Posts: 470 ✭✭✭

    wow. that was bad :(
  • SooneruleSoonerule Posts: 4
    In the book, Dumbledore explains why Harry did not die, or more accurately, Harry figured it out. When Voldemort rebuilt his body he used Harry's blood and took in some of the enchantment Harry's mother protected Harry with when she died. As Dumbledore put it, 'He tethered you to life while he lives.'

    I think without saying it directly Rowlings implies that Harry involuntarily invoked Lily's enchantment when he did not resist Voldemort and stood there willing to sacrifice himself. When Harry said he did not defend himself and that he meant to let the Dark Lord kill him, Dumbledore replied that very willingness to sacrifice himself made all the difference. By invoking his mother's protective enchantment Harry protected himself from Voldemort's killing curse and it killed the only living thing it could, the Horcrux inside Harry.

    My guess is that had the Elder Wand actually answered to Voldemort his killing curse would have killed both Harry and the Horcrux, but since it actually answered to Harry it resisted just as it did in the courtyard after Neville slew Nagini.

    I don't know if anyone else has ever put this together as well regarding the ending. In the story 'The Tale of the Three Brothers', only one brother succeeded against death, the youngest whom the story called the humblest and wisest, the one that merely asked for something so he could leave that place and death could not follow him. Death gave him the cloak of invisibility. Did anyone realize that once Harry destroyed the Elder Wand, only one of the Hallows remained, Harry's cloak. I've wondered if that was something Rowling meant to do or if it was just a coincidence?
  • JordyJordy Posts: 613 ✭✭✭✭
  • SooneruleSoonerule Posts: 4
    anything to add?
  • JordyJordy Posts: 613 ✭✭✭✭
  • MattCatMattCat Posts: 372 ✭✭✭
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  • PumpkinjuicePumpkinjuice Posts: 2,317 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The deus ex machina ending kind of sucks.
  • SooneruleSoonerule Posts: 4
    Jordy said:

    yes, LOL.


  • chrlatchrlat Posts: 15
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    I always used to get confused by it too. I'm guessing you will have already found the answer! But I'll respond anyway (though my interpretation may be slightly different to yours or others).

    What was the significance of the hallows? how did they lead him to conquer death?
    The significance of the Hallows is that they shouldn't be significant; or that's my interpretation. Dumbledore intends Harry to know about them, even to gain the Resurrection stone, but never all three (he had intended to die as the last owner of the Elder Wand, but Draco Malfoy disarmed him). Throughout the series of books, Voldemort is criticised for fearing death by Dumbledore. The irony is that in the 7th book we find that Dumbledore, too, feared death. The significance of the Hallows is I think how 'wrong' they are. I believe that Dumbledore provided Harry with the Resurrection Stone so he would have the courage to face death, but never wanted him to be a master of it.

    Why did harry not defending himself mean he did not die?
    There are many theories. There is a loose explanation at the end of the 7th book, about Voldemort taking in Harry's blood (GoF) and therefore taking Lily's protection upon himself... (see further explanation below). Other theories include that Harry was the master of death, that even though he dropped the ring he had still mastered death, (even Dumbledore saying he was the true owner of the Deathly Hallows, as Harry never wanted to use them for gain). Another is that when Voldemort 'killed' Harry, he only killed the bit of him that was entwined with Voldemort's soul; hence the disgusting baby figure in Harry's hallucination (representing this part of him/Voldemort). This is also why Voldemort was knocked to the ground (see below also). A final conclusion can be that Voldemort attempted to kill Harry with the elder wand... which considered Harry as its Master.

    Can someone explain the prophecy, neither can live while the other survives?? because harry lived and voldemort died in the end...
    I'm confused... you just defined the question? While they're both living however, I think it means that neither can 'live' by any reasonable assumption of the word... more than just a literal meaning.

    how did voldemort having harrys blood + lilys protection have any significance (oh and can someone explain what lilys protection is)
    This I find the most confusing, but I'll try my best. To the latter part of the question, Lily's protection is 'Love'. She died protecting Harry because she loved him, therefore he's protected. The same happens when Harry gives his life for the hundreds fighting for him within Hogwarts... while he did not end up actually giving his life, he intended to, and therefore they were all protected from Voldemort.
    To the former part of the question, this is because Lily did not die to save Voldemort. This is why the spell rebounds; first when Harry is one, killing Voldemort (though his soul lived on in his horcruxes). The second time it rebounded it destroyed the Horcrux within Harry, and Voldemort also returned (after being knocked down) because Harry had decided to return. If Harry had not decided to return, the same would have happened when Harry was one; Voldemort would have been killed, but his soul would have remained due to the (one) Horcrux that was left. The third and final time Voldemort attempts to kill Harry he no longer has any protection (be it Hallow or Horcrux) and is therefore killed.

    I think it is still down to your own interpretation, but I think that's good! Dumbledore says in the hallucination Kings Cross that even he does not know the answer to everything, but he can guess. This is what we have to do here - it's the mystery of magic! Perhaps JK herself does not even know all the answers :) I hope this helped.

  • chrlatchrlat Posts: 15
    @Aequus156 I'm really glad you think I did it justice :)
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