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ONE word to describe the following characters

Festax0333Festax0333 Posts: 11,753 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Harry- legend
Ron- loyal
Hermione- binding
Neville- underdog
Ginny- constant
Snape- troubled
Dumbledore- teacher
Sirius- Tragic
Lupin- pure
Voldemort- opposition
Bellatrix- chaos
Lucius- coward
Narcissa- unlucky
James and Lily- ignition
Draco- complicated
Minerva- tough- love (i know its two)
Hagrid- static
Molly- warm
Arthur- pleasant
The Twins- humor
Percy- lesson
Bill- rugged
Fleur- beauty
Greyback- savage
Scabior- eerie
Umbridge- toad
Tonks- sweet
Mad eye- rough


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