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Favorite Actors

Bubblecharms_1992Bubblecharms_1992 Posts: 114
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I dont know about any of you but my personal favorite actor is Rupert Grint :) I also like the person that plays as Luna cuz I think she does a great job with portraying her.


  • larcsuke01larcsuke01 Posts: 51
    Emma Watson. xP
  • yeah Emma Watson's pretty cool too. She does a great job with Hermione. I like Bonnie Write(Ginny Weasley) too. I have a lot favorite actors though..... Rupert Grint is still my favorite.
  • larcsuke01larcsuke01 Posts: 51
    Is that so? xD it's just that. I adore Emma that much. and it is a good thing she played the role of Hermione Granger. she's so cool.

    Ginny?? yea yea.. I like her too. She's always talking about Phlegm xP
  • lol. I kinda like Fluer in the books though... I wonder if they are actually putting her into the sixth movie. they should. It wouldnt be movie six with out her.
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    She's not in HBP
  • I love Evanna Lynch - she protrays Luna so well, all the mysteriousness :]

    Also Tom Felton makes an EXCELLENT Draco Malfoy! But I love Emma Watson too :S
  • h-and-g09h-and-g09 Posts: 23
    i love tom felton, and daniel radcliffe, and bonnie wright
    :) i also like evanna lynch - she's irish!
  • Tom Felton is magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed the very first movie; right when Malfoy meets Potter, simlpy brilliant.

    Also, Just found out recently that my Blood cousin(Sam Bradley) co-wrote the song from Twilight 'Never Think'. The other writer, Rob Pattinson( also known as Cedrick Digory) has known Sam since they were 13! They went to school together in England. So, there's finally something to brag about in my boring life. Finally. Lawl.
  • [i]hemhem,[/i]
    Sorry, just wanted to point out to PrinceEdmund, quote,
    [quote=PrinceEdmund]The other writer, Rob Pattinson( also known as Cedrick Digory)[/quote]
    That it is, CEDRIC Diggory, not, Cedrick Digory.
    Sorry, had to point it out, drives me mad when people miss-spell HP names!

    By the way, that [i] [/i] thing was to check if italics work or not.
  • And they do not :(
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    [quote=HermioneAnnGranger]And they do not :( [/quote]

    They do, just not like that. Replace the square brackets with < and > either side of the i.
  • My apologies, thats quite rare for me. Thank- you for correcting my error.
  • ceffreyceffrey Posts: 8
    Maggie Smith (Prof. Minerva McGonagall) ,because I'd seen her on different movies from the past. She's a versatile actress, she can be in comedy or movies like like HP. Emma Watson will also be one of my favorite, love the British accent.
  • larcsuke01larcsuke01 Posts: 51
    agreed @ceffrey.

    Lol yea.. Maggie Smith - she really is a good one.. I can see the way she act professionally.
  • CamillaCamilla Posts: 44
    emma and alan, he does severus so well!

    i read that he was the only person other than Rowling that knew the truth about severus, i think it really helped him portray the character of Professor Snape, i mean in order to be him, he has to know him, and hermione plays the bossy little know-it-all so well, she's my favorite witch!
  • yeah I really like Alan Rickman as snape. He's the very best person for the job.
  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    Belatrix! Helen i believe plays her?
    And snape!
  • I like rupert grint and the twins!
  • R/HrR/Hr Posts: 1
    definitely Rupert Grint...
    and also allan and the twins...
  • lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
    edited January 2010
    Emma Watson.......only cause she's hott..........but I would have to say that a very good actor would have to be Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom.......I only say that cause in the films........he is scared of everything........shy......not so brave...........and kinda nerdy or dorky...........but you see him in real life............you would not even notice that he is Neville Longbottom..........

    Also.......no one comes close to Alan Rickman...........the guy is just amazing........everyone knows his voice.............
  • Totally Tom Felton, He is the best actor! :)
  • omg best actor in HBP = RUPERT GRINT i LOVE him
    best actress in HBP= Jessie Cave
    best actor - overall = alan rickman ! DUH does everyone need reminding of this????
    best actress - should i even say this - helena bonham carter! DUH? unless u been livin under a rock for the past few yrs
    hottest actor - daniel radcliffe - IMO peoples
    hottest actress (cause even tho im a girl i can still see!) - emma watson! GORGE!
    CHARACTERS - CAUSE i feel like writing an essay here :-)
    best boy character in HBP - slughorn
    best girl character in HBP - lavender brown - MY WON WON
    best boy overall - obvs harry potter
    best girl overall (until HBP tht is :-)- Ginny Weasley - i hated bonnie wright in HBP but i cant put the character down based on that

    so overall - HARRY POTTER RULES THE WORLD - or as Mr H Simpson would say - harry Plopper ;) Love it XD ill shurup now :-]
  • [quote=Minnin][/quote]
    yeah I totally agree that Oliver and James Phelps are good actors. I love them as the Weasley twins.
  • kinglarsikinglarsi Posts: 307
    Rupert Grint , is cool. (Roney)
    Luna to : ' )
    '' To make each day Count ''
  • h-luv-gh-luv-g Posts: 5
    WON WON :) x

    well, i love jessie cave whatever her name is what played lavender. like yea and i love daniel radcliffe. XD x
  • Tom Felton
    Rupert Grint

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  • oh and of course Helena Bonham Carter
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  • mine is daniel radcliffe
  • oh yeah jessy 4 draco alan rickman rocks :-D
  • Wolf_PotterWolf_Potter Posts: 3,643 ✭✭✭✭
    Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman :)
  • JoshieJoshie Posts: 4,762 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why bumping old threads?
  • arunenduarunendu Posts: 20
    my favourite actors are-daniel
    radcliffe,rupert grint,tom felton,alan
    rickman,michael gambon,gary oldman.
    my favourite actresses are-emma watson,evana lynch,bonnie wright,the woman who plays the role of professor
    macanogall and maggie smith
  • Tom Felton
    Rupert Grint
    Emma Watson
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Matthew lewis
  • My favourite actors are
    Bonnie Wright
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Emma Watson
    Rupert Grint
    Mathew Lewis
    and of course
    Tom Felton
  • Dan and Emma always seem to get laden with plaudits for their performances but I don't think Jo Rowling herself says it any better when she says that Rupert has always known how to play Ron without instruction since day one. His comic timing is perfect and he is easily the most watchable of the trio in my opinion. It's Alan Rickman for me though. He is the number one in the Potter Universe for me. He plays all the nuances of Snape's character so perfectly it's impossible to imagine anyone else playing that character. The emotional range in The Prince's Tale was extraordinary.
  • Oliver and James Phelps and Tom Felton. Maybe Helena Bonham Carter. But my favourite is the twins, they are fun.
    Pottermore: FlameMoon162
  • Bellatrix Lestrange plays great and Ron is funny in first 3 movies when hes still a kid :D and Emma of course
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  • I like Alan Rickman very much.
    He is so great actor and I love his voice.. it's something...
  • Well, the great ones are the old ones.

    Alan Rickman
    Maggie Smith
    Richard Harris
    Michael Gambon
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  • I like Alan Rickman very much.
    He is so great actor and I love his voice.. it's something...
    Perhaps, it is his accent. :)
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