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'I was Lucky enough to be on set at leavsden last night were a 100ft replica of the films climatic 'Astronomy Tower' has been constructed.
They spent a good 5 hours setting up saftey equipment, most notably a huge blue airbag, in preparation for one of the biggest stunts in the film.
It was about 3am when a stunt actor, in dumbledore getup was catapulted from the tower to bursts of green light, plunging the full 100ft into the airbag below.
The first take was a wrap and it looked pretty horrific seeing a lifeless body tumbling through the air. A fitting end to a great character 'Very exciting stuff'

In an age when CGI is taking over it was refreshing to see something like this filmed for real with real actors.


  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 49
    Have you ever seen any other scenes being shot or was this the one and only time? How come you got to see this one?

    Do you know what they've built outside of the studio? We know something was constructed but no ones been able to find out what it was for.
  • pleeze could we be more fake than this? I just read a girl's report about visiting the set b/c she won some contest or something, and she said she went to the set in March and that they'd already filmed the DD death scene by then.

    Whatever guys, this is lame.
  • UniversHarryPotter.cUniversHarryPotter.c Posts: 4,205 ✭✭✭✭
    With Mickael this description is for stunt
    please calm down
  • PaigeBalPaigeBal Posts: 49
    This doesn't make sense. Didn't they film this stunt scene by the beginning of March? That is what the report from that girl who visited the set after winning a contest said.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    I wonder if you know anything about the battles at Hogwarts castle and its Grounds during the climax of the film, SCOOP.I mean the Astronomy Tower must be an amazing sequence but I'm wondering if the battle after the death has been filmed.Have you seen anything on set?Have you learnt anything?
  • How exactly are you even getting on set, dude? It's a closed set I'm sure. It's one thing to see actors filming in the street like with the Narcissa and Bella thing, but this is waaaay too much for me.

    later :)
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