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Desplat to score 'The Ides of March'

blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
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OK Alexandre composed the philosophical, abstract film of the year, the fantasy-epic blockbuster of the year and the political thriller/drama of the year. Any other huge project left for him this year? Seriously, this man is unstoppable! :D


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    This :(
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    We'll never be forgiven for what we did.
    Trust me, I'm a Film Grad ;)
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    If the Tree of Life receives a mixed reaction, I think that the score will be snubbed. The Ides of March is a film that will not really rely on its score anyway, while Potter has the advantage of big fantasy and deep emotional moments. The Ides of March isn't another King's Speech (period drama with a very distinguished score), it's probably close to Syriana's style. We'll see! I hope that the WB's campaign for Potter will be huge this year (they promised that) and the score will be recognized.
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    Deathly Hallows Part 2 will give him moments to shine as a film composer, so he could still get a nomination for Potter. Remember, WB is going to campaign for Potter this year, according to sources.
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    Yeah didn't he say that DH2 is 'fireworks'? :D I mean, I can't wait to listen to what he'll score for King's Cross, the Epilogue, the Forest Again, Snape's death, Snape's memories and all the emotional deaths and walks through the destroyed castle.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    No I'm talking about Desplat's score for Syriana. ;)

    Yeah the category is pretty much screwed. Though The King's Speech wasn't Desplat's best last year, it was used extremely well in the film and it stayed with you afterwards. The DH score, while it had some brilliant moments and it's an overall better score, was used as underscore sometimes in the film. And don't forget the combination of Weinstein and a heavy campaign that helped The King's Speech get nominated in almost all categories. ;)
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    It's definitely... different. Doesn't touch Potter, but it would win over Potter just because of the nature of the thing.
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    It's in the same style as The Ghost Writer, but without the Herrmann influences and some funk. But the main theme is really catchy.
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