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Does anyone else feel that there is a lack of insight into hermione's home life?

Cat_FaceCat_Face Posts: 1
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Hi, i'm new to this forum :)


  • Hey, and ,well not really...we know everything we should about her parents and things like that...
  • Well we know a lot about Harry's home life with the Dursley's because Harry is the main character... i mean the whole series is named after him... so we need to know about Harry's home life to carry the story. In Ron's case the Weasleys is the family that take Harry in from the wizarding world so you must know a lot of them because they are also apart of the order of the phoenix. Hermiones parents are muggles and there is no piont to make a sub-plot about her home life unless it was a big part of the story.
  • i agree with half_blood25 Hermiones parents are muggles and they are not central to the story they are mentioned enough in the book
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