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what do you think of daniel radcliffe as an actor?

bex.heathbex.heath Posts: 20
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I have to say that on the whole he's pretty crap. Ok he has some OK scenes, but the most horrific acting Iv'e ever seen has to be in film 3, when he is in Hogsmeade sitting on a rock in the snow and says "HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!" to ron and Hermione and the sad music starts to play. It made me die with laughter! lol. does anyone else think that Dan does some weird lip movement when he's "angry"? ...


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    See, I think he's excellent NOW, but the first two he was utter shyte, the third was a marked improvement, the fourth he was even better and he was great in the fifth. Yes, the "HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!" scene was bad. But I find it bad for a different reason. I thought the actual shouting was alright. But it was his pathetic crying and the way he was talking that pissed me off.

    And yes, his lips do make some very odd movements in that scene. In fact, his whole mouth is weird in the first three, lol. By the fourth, I think he's fine, though.
    I think he is too tense and concentrated
  • yeah.. he just needs to relax a little. i do believe that he has improved though. I reckon he looked a lot mre like I imagined HP to look like in the first film than the others
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    Really? I dunno, I think he looked most canon in Prisoner. His hair was annoyingly short in Order.

    His hair was too neat and tidy in the first two. His hair was a good length and messy in the third, so my vote for best hair would definitley go to Prisoner.
  • i was about to say and the PoA but i decided to say PS instead and leave it at that. i wish i hadnt now. I think he looks skinnier (as described in books) in the third. his hair is way to long in the 4th and way too short in 5th, i hope in the 6th its grown a bit!
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    It has. A bit


  • yay! ye... i could have just looked at the pics! I reckon DR look more like HP if he didn't have such a bent nose, but i guess thats not his fault... lol!
  • If you think Dan isn't a good Harry or good actor your stupid. Dan is the reason the franchise is concerned the second best ever after James Bond. If it wasn't for Dan the movies would suck so bad.
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    I reckon Dan is a very good actor. In each of the films he has improved, and it depends on the director to get the performance out of them, and we know David Yates is very good at emotional stuff, I cant wait to see the cave scene's and dumbledores death to see how Dan pulls it off.
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    He's much better in the OOTP, a bit more grown up and emotional but the other films he was a joke. He seems quite a nice person off screen and quite relaxed but then when he gets into acting mode he's just shit. I think they could have found someone better.
  • I agree.
  • TomRiddleTomRiddle Posts: 175
    He is brilliant now. Goblet of Fire is generally a shit film, I think prisoner of Azkaban may be becoming my favourite film. I keep watching it, the style is incredible. The sets, costumes, Gambon, the music. It's just so becautiful. I love Cuaron. I look forward to seeing Dan in the next film, I'm sure he will be terriffic.
  • MandyMandy Posts: 3
    I really like Dan I think he is getting better and better with every movie. I have not seen any of his other work though
  • I think he is a fantastic actor.
    I really love him.
  • I like Dan, I think that he is a great actor.
  • He's fine now. I'm just pleased he's made the effort to improve his 'performances' from the first few movies. All the trio need to be on top form if the final movies are to have the emotional impact they should.
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    I like him... i think he's done the job well, plus he likes my favourite band Holy Ghost Revival!!

    See for yourself!
  • Right, let's get this straight...
    All actors can't be relaxed all the time, so SORRYYYYYYY that he concentrates on his job!
    Secondly, he alway looks gorgeous, BUT I admit, he looked better in the Goblet of Fire ;)
    Thirdly, he is a good actor, and he also is very kind. He has raised loads of money for charities, including a charity for Autistic people. He also starred in a DVD for Autistic children, to help them understand emotions better. My brother is Autistic so I am so happy that one of my heroes has taken notice and done something for Autistic people!
    And fourthly.............Well, I don't have a fourth reason, but you all get my point.

    So, what do you say now?

    PS I'm not mad at you all, I just feel very passionate about it :)
  • I bet you're a female, Midnight :D
  • ArianaAriana Posts: 35
    I love Dan on PoA. And i think, OOTP was the worst one. But, have u see December Boys? I dont like him there. Too clumsy..
  • Yes, I am, Cruciatus. *Puts on a tough FEMALE voice* U got a problem with that?!
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    he he midnight - you feel very strongly!!!! he he
    well, i personally, a.d.o.r.e daniel radcliffe - his acting has got better and better!
    he's really cool and sooo hot! love him - on my list of fave actors!!!
  • Midnight, nope, I was just checking if my intuition is working :D

    He's a good actor, really.
  • Good, we r on the same Harry Potter- lovin page!
    LOL! :D
  • so, I like him :) this role is specially for him, I think...
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    I like him...Mmm :D ...But I don't like HP films so much becouse there are so many important things except or snapshot...It unnerve me...The book is diferent in lot of things!Films never will be like books...
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  • *movie :)
  • angeliuxangeliux Posts: 15
    Daniel Radcliffe, is good actor, but sometimes he looks just funny........

    P.S What is "OOTP" and "PoA"?????????? :O
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
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    [quote=angeliux]P.S What is "OOTP" and "PoA"?????????? :O[/quote]

    Order of the Phoenix and Prisoner of Azkaban
  • angeliuxangeliux Posts: 15
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