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What about the worst actors/character portrayal's?

AlonseRAlonseR Posts: 19
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I think Daniel Radcliffe is the wosrt choice in the entire film, he is terrible, any emotional scene is ruined with him in it, he cannot cry, or show any plausible emotion, he makes me want to be sick.

Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. I'm not knocking Ralph because he's a great actor but he's JUST NOT SCARY. He's actually quite comical and that misses the point, he should make your skin crawl but he's just too friendly, particularly to Harry. He also says 'Crucio' like a girl.

Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. I know people will disagree but he's just so aggressive and loud. Dumbledore is old and calm, as the books tell and Richard Harris showed. Gambon shouts too much, moves unnaturally and is just the complete opposite of what Dumbledore is! Let's hope he can at least keep to one accent from now on.


  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Michael Gambon was directed to be "angry" and loud in about three parts of Goblet of Fire, and the tiniest possible bit in Order. Did the other parts just not happen to you? Or are you ignoring all of Prisoner, some of his scenes in his office and in the Dormitory and at the funeral and at the tasks in Goblet and the veeeery vast majority of Order? And I don't get your "moves unnaturally" comment.

    The reason he is so "angry" in Goblet is because Mike Newell directed Gambon on what he thought was going on inside Dumbledore's head, instead of what he actually does in the book. If you think about it, Goblet is the only part of series (apart from Hallows, where he's dead) where almost everything is out of Dumbledore's control. But yes, I think Newell went a bit too far in that direction.

    Ralph Fiennes, I think, is perfect. Voldemort himself is not meant to be/look scary. He is meant to be the sort of "person" who would make you feel really uncomfortable if you just passed him on the street. It's the things he does/has done that make him scary. I don't know about you, but if he sported the high, cold voice the book described him to have, I don't know if I'd be able to keep a straight face the whole time. He doesn't say crucio like a little go. He says it with feeling, he screams it. That, to me, is more unsettling than sounding like a little girl's voice. And I don't know why you think he's comical. Is it because it looks like he's enjoying himself when he's causing havoc? Is it because he has an almost deranged look, also, when he does so? Or is it because of the sweeping movements he makes? Cause that, to me, just gives Voldemort a larger screen presence. And I love the way in which Fiennes portrays Voldemort's constantly flipping and snake-like temper.

    I think Daniel was terrible in the Philosopher's Stone and in the Chamber of Secrets. But I think there was a massive jump in his acting abilities in Prisoner. Besides the really bad crying in Hogsmeade, I think he did a brilliant job in Prisoner. In Goblet, he was even better, IMO, and I thought his crying in the scene where he and Cedric's body arrive back in the grounds was good enough. But I think Daniel really reached a good point in Order. His crying in the Department of Mysteries was thoroughly convincing, IMO, and I think his wooden moments were down to a bare minimum. Other emotions have been fine from Prisoner onwards. It was only really the first two where incompetent directing hindered him.

    I think the worst choice has to be...I don't know. Emma has really got herself stuck in a rut, with her acting. She seemed to reach her peak in Prisoner. She's sort of stopped improving/gone down a little bit since then. Katie Leung seemed a bit wooden to me, as well. The guy who played Tom Riddle in Chamber was wooden. Chris Rankin who played Percy...
  • AlonseRAlonseR Posts: 19
    Well I don't know how old Dumbledore is supposed to be but I got the impression he came across as old,steady and frail but can move if he wants to. The aggressive but I didn't like is when Dumbledore reprimands Harry after his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, he's shouting and shaking him and it just doesn't seem like Dumbledore particularly as he loves Harry so much. He definitely calmed down in the OOTP and Daniel Radcliffe definitely got better.

    I see what you mean with Emma Watson cos in the first few that was what you expected from a smart arse know-it-all but her tone and delivery hasn't changed at all.
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    i think when your a little kid or the first times you watch ralph fiennes as voldie, he is really scary but i see where you're comin from he is a tad comical
    he doesnt say crucio like a girl

    and daniel radcliffe is a brilliant actor! don't diss
    Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius in NM!
    i am so random lol
  • Yeah Daniel Radcliffe's a pretty good actor.... All I know is that if I was an actor, as soon as there was a serious scene I would automatically start laughing my butt off. Thats just my personallity. So I do appreciate his acting skills.

    I personally dont like Michael Gambon.... I think he looks and acts a little too mean to be a Dumbledore. I really like the old Dumbledore, Richard Harris he seemed like a good actor for the job. I was really quite sad when I found out that he died. : (
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