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Question for wild_world-1

bereskibereski Posts: 354
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People, don't write your questions in every post, we might write everything in one place : here.
Maybe it could be easier to answer for wild_world-1.


-Are the Dumbledore and Aragog's funeral in the movie?
-Are Kreacher and Dobby in the movie?
- Do you know something about teleportation lessons in the film?


  • grillzggrillzg Posts: 253
    edited August 2008
    "Apparition Lessons".
    and 1 more suggestion don't ask the same questions again.
    Read the whole thread b4 u post.

    My Qs:
    Is the whole dudley family in?
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  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    So these are all questions from both users:

    1.Are Dumbledore and Aragog's funeral in the film? (I think that wild_world confirmed in IMDB that DD's funeral is indeed cut)
    2.Are Kreacher and Dobby in the film? (I also think that he confirmed that no house elves are in the script he's given)
    3.Are Apparition Lessons in the film? (I don't know the answer lol)
    4.Is the whole Dursley family in the film? (I think Petunia is but wild_world let us know if there's someone else from the family,too)

    So we'd love some answers to these questions to clear things up.
    They're not spoiler-ish so I guess it would be fine.
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Btw people, Aragog's funeral IS in, it's already confirmed by comments from people and images of Hagrid's Hut. And Uncle Vernon is NOT in. This has also been confirmed, and IMDb doesn't know anything more than we do, it's just a mistake. It's Petunia and Dudley who are supposed to be in, not Vernon.
  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 49
    What about Draco. Is he in it as much as I hope he is?

    Since that one script on IMDB turned out to be fake, what is the unbreakable vow like?
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    edited August 2008
    He's already said it's really good and it starts off with Snape reading the paper with the story about the bridge collapse and Harry being the Chosen One. And he said Wormtail IS in the script as well.

    And it's already been confirmed Draco's in it quite a bit. It's probably best not to ask wild_world that sort of question anyway, as he's already told us he only has parts of the script.

    My question is more along lines of: What sort of job do you have to have access to these scripts?
  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 49
    He could have just bought them off of EBAY for all we know.
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Unlikely. That's one of the sites WB will aaaaaaaaalways have their eye on.
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    For the people who really do have access to the scripts, its more than their jobs worth to leak them.
  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 49
    How do we know which parts he has or doesn't have unless we ask? wild_world 1- do you have anything on the Draco vs Harry scene in the bathroom?

    What parts do you have anyway so we know not to ask about the stuff you don't have?
  • hpnaivhpnaiv Posts: 11
    grillzg - you just repeated what bereski asked. [about dobby & kreacher]
  • Harry James PotterHarry James Potter Posts: 332
    edited August 2008
    Is Dobby, Kreatcher, Dudley, and Kingsley in the movie? (I know people asked some of these questions.)

    Is there alot of Harry and Ginny?
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  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    He's already said there's a lot of Ginny, moreso than in the book, so I'm guessing by extension that means lots of Harry and Ginny.
  • oppugnooppugno Posts: 16
    I know wild_world-1 already answered a little about Ginny, but there's something I've been wondering.

    Is there more than one kiss between Harry and Ginny or is the kiss in the Room of Requirement the only one? Is the kiss a happy scene or a sad one?

    Do Harry and Ginny ever date? Is there a break-up? I'm just trying to gauge how different the storyline is going to be from the book.
  • Abs92Abs92 Posts: 15
    Yeh i'm the same as oppugno, i'm kinda confused about the H/G scene in the RoR. They look kind of sad if it's their first kiss.
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