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New Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Interview (Luna's hat is in)

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How far are you with the 6th movie?
DR: Right in the middle.
RG: I haven’t done so much but Dan has already been filming for a few months.

Is this like a second home for you?
ML: Definitely. And I also sleep here. They tell you to look asleep and I really fall asleep. The beds are extremely comfortable. And I do come here for seven years now.

Do you have the whole script or just you own scenes?
EL: Yeah but they’re changing something every day.
RG: It’s really good. And I liked the 6th book a lot. We’re going to do some cool things.

The 6th part is a major movie for Ginny.
BW: Yeah, yeah I..
EL: You’re supposed to say: "I’m really looking forward to play Ginny again."
BW: Yeah it’s definitely a good film for her. Until now it was a lot of fun.

Are we going to see the scene with Luna during Quidditch in the movie?
EL: Yes, no, wait a minute. The commentary, I don’t think so. But the lion's hat is there to make us forget the no commentary thing.

Do you read the books again before the shooting or are you relying on David Yates to tell you what to do?
BW: I’ve read all books and I love them but they can’t put everything in the movies and that’s a pity. But I think the most important parts are in it.
RG: This time Ron has a girlfriend and there isn't a lot of kissing going on for which I’m grateful.
DR: I’m looking forward to see Rupert kissing Lavender Brown. That’s going to be funny.

The next movie is probably going to be not as dark as the last one. In the book are a lot of funny scenes.
DR: Yes, I think so, that’s the short answer but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of terribly dark scenes…
DR:… Especially in the third part, but, yeah, there are a lot of really funny scenes. Comparing to the other movies this script is the funniest.

You know Emma for so long, it has to be strange to fall in love with her (character) now?
RG: Yes, especially after reading the 7th book and knowing how the story ends. It’s a little embarrassing but I’m going to make it.
DR: I’m going to try to bring something of the Will Ferrell comedy school to Hogwarts. That’s going to be my mission. No, I love comedy and it will be interesting to see more of Harry's sense of humor.

BW: We’re doing it for so long now and can be relaxed and concentrated on the acting. And David Yates is directing again and it’s nice to have that kind of continuity.

DR: During the last few weeks I worked a lot with Jim Broadbent. It was great, he is a great actor and it’s very interesting to work with him.
EL: It’s always nice to be here. No matter what you have to do even if you only have a few scenes, you’re meeting new people. There’s not a single boring day.

You have old people here and new people, it’s a bit like school, you’re coming back and there are new students and new teachers.
DR: Yes but it’s more fun than a normal school. And it’s great having people like Jim or Imelda Staunton come on board and you can learn so much from them, you’re getting new ideas and learn.

(It's A Great Interview.)


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    Yeah, already knew that from phoenix's scripts over on imdb. I'll post them here if I can find them. And yes, they are 100% legit.
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    luna's hat is in it? great news
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    That was a good interview.
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