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Where you happy with the ending of harry potter 7?

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Did you want to know more about what happened to the trio after voldermort was killed?I for one wanted to know harryron and hermione's jobs etc.,but what bout you?


  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    No, I think we were given just the right amount of info. The extra info Jo gave us afterwards was just a bonus.

    Overall, I love Deathly Hallows and it's definitley my favourite book.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    The Epiloge wasn't as bad as people say. It was cheesy,yes and I'd love the film to stop at the scene where Harry,Ron and Hermione go to Dumbledore's office. But it would have ended apruptly for most people.So, I think that it closed the entire saga quite nicely, overall.
    I like the book a lot and it's my fourth favourite in the series with GoF being slightly above it.
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    I reckon she withheld alot of detail aswell so she could put that in the encyclopedia.
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Yes, and I'm very glad she did
  • mariaclaramariaclara Posts: 45
    yes i was, really happy
  • I Loved The ending. I Just want Another Book!! x
  • I liked the whole ending idea, I knew J.K wouldn't kill Harry, it surprised me when he had that death scene in the Forbidden Forest it was a shocker. However the epilogue wasn't good, it was very brief and honestly it lacked a lot of details, I'm a huge huge huge Harry Potter Fan, but I speak in honesty here and I didn't like the epilogue at all, I feel she missed a lot of details about other characters. The whole book was amazing, definitely my favourite book of the series..
  • The last book was definetely my favourite book of the serie, but I think the epilogue was very poor!
  • AlonseRAlonseR Posts: 19
    It was disappointing but it didn't really leave it open to having another book which is what J.K Rowling would have wanted. A bit more information would have been nice but I was more disappointed in the fact that I just didn't want it to end.
  • GodricGodric Posts: 3
    The ending seemed cheesy and tacked on.
  • u know she actually wanted to put gigantic list of all the people in the books listing there job, spouses,children,etc.the publisher thought it would be too long and boring, so she had to cut it out.I THINK it was on harry, a history; Melissa's book website
  • GodricGodric Posts: 3
    I wasn't too bothered about finding out what they got up to but anything's preferrable to the way it ended.
  • i think the book was amazing and you got stuck in so well the epilogue was good not great but good so im not too disapointed just wish there was another book
  • I did not like it
  • ehm..
    I did'nt like that part, where they were old and had children.
    But the rest of the book was really great.
  • i loved the ending, it gave you a chance to see how harry felt about the important people in his past, when we were told the names of his children.
    i would have liked to know what their jobs were, but then it might have gone on for too long and extended into too much of another story. J.K. leaves the rest up to us to wonder.
    i wouldnt have been suprised if hermione was a teacher though. i was glad to hear about professor longbottom... good on him!
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Jo actually told us what all their jobs were and gave us a lot of new information after Dh was released. It's all on the internet somewhere. Harry's the head of the Auror department at the Ministry, Hermione's head of the muggle protection thingy or something (lol, can't remember exactly what, but she works at the Ministry) and I think Ron was an auror to...though I'm not sure about that one. Neville became a teacher (as we're told in DH), Luna travelled the world and came to the decision that not all her father's claims about certain creatures weren't true, but she still had a very open mind, etc. There's more.
  • hp4gwhp4gw Posts: 379
    i think it all tied together nicely - the 19 years later thing was real sweet and gave you an idea of how life was for harry post-voldie.
    overall very very good!
  • I was sad couse it's the last one...But the end is great...What could be better then Voldemort's death?
  • carlycarly Posts: 3
    I wasn't happy with the ending because i think the bit where they are all adults shouldn't have been in the book. Plus that meant no more harry potter books definitely. :(
  • mrs. cullenmrs. cullen Posts: 24
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    I was happy because everyone had a happy ending but im also quite sad because many died. thats tragic. hmpf.
  • I was happy with the ending, but I thought it was a bit rushed in my opinion. Also if you look on wikipedia it will tell you what there later jobs are. Harry's is of course an auror, and if I remember rightly Hermionie takes further action in S.P.E.W.
  • nkeleosnkeleos Posts: 7
    to say the truth,i was bored after i read the 7th book because i wanted more...i think it ended soon...!!!(that's my opinion)
  • It was okay
  • larcsuke01larcsuke01 Posts: 51
    course I am. I just wanted to know what they are up to.. but I can say that J.K. has given us the right info about the last book.

    but honestly.. I was sorta disappointed.. cause.. I want to know more about Harry Potter.. I mean.. everything about him. his likes and dislikes.. err everything. But everything has an end. So I must admit. ish over~
  • I adored the ending. I was smiling while reading the book and my older sister was taking the micky, saying like, why are you smiling? Do you fancy someone?

    Annoying ... anyway, it was a lovely, sweet and adorable ending! I loved to see that Harry and Ginny got married and that they named their kids, Albus (Severus), James and Lilly!! And that Hermione and Ron got married, they are a cute and spectacular couple! Even though it didn't have too much information on their lifes, it didn't need it. It wasn't to much, nor to little. It was basically just right for me, a great ending to the story.

    But I have to say, I'm super upset that it's all done, But as said above, everything has an ending. But, the information she didn't put in the epilogue goes in other places, interviews, encyclopedia, etc, etc ...

    So yes, I am extremely happy with the ending J.K.Rowling created. And the people who said it was cheesy, were right, but, I liked it because it was a bit cheesy.

    Because, compared to the rest of the series, it has all been sad, well nearly all of it, and adventures and hard love. And at the end of Deathly Hallows its just nice to have a little cheesiness and happiness!
  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    The ending was amazing! i wouldn't have had it any other way!
    I loved the last chapter 19 years later, and yes it was abit sad because thats really confirmation that she isn't going to do another book!
    It was the perfect ending in my opinion.
  • I wanted to know what job Harry got :/ But I think the endning was good, and I almost cried with joy xD :D
  • CamillaCamilla Posts: 44
    i want another book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and i want Severus Snape back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    I kno i would love for another book to come out!
    It was like the end of an era after the last book..... I don't want them 2 stop!
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