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Welcome to HPF: Rules and Announcement Thread

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Hi, and welcome to Harry Potter Forum.

This is where you post about yourself and why you're here, how happy you are to be a member, all that stuff. ;-)

New users here are welcome to post anywhere they want, but you can't *start* a discussion until you've been posting good stuff for a while. O:)

All the senior guys/girls have been around for a while so they'll help you out if you need it-


@Isaiah Weasley
@Lord Stafford




1. No attacking other members.

2. No trash talking other members.

3. No rude comments.

4. No major pornographic images .

5. No spamming.

6. No posting private PMS or messages/email. Unless both parties are in agreement.

7. No posting/asking for illegal torrents in threads; only unless it is via PM.

8. No using multiple accounts to upvote your own content for points.

Members found to have 'prefect' qualifications will be subject to become prefects. That is to say members who are frequent responsible and respectful users.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please abide by these rules.

So... tell us about yourself :)
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