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LA Times Half-Blood Prince set report teaser!!!

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The LA Times have published a small Half-Blood Prince set report teaser in which they talk briefly about Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and the Inferi in the sixth film.

I remember talking to Daniel Radcliffe, who was wearing a Libertines T-shirt on the set while he was out of costume, and he marveled at the creepy success of the “Potter” creature creators. “I think it’s [the Inferi] the scariest of any of the creatures we’ve had in any of the movies, and that’s saying quite a bit, isn’t it?”

Radcliffe was an absolute delight, as were Emma Watson (who had just gotten her driver's license) and Rupert Grint (whose dressing room had a ping-pong table and a clutter of other games). I told David Heyman, the "Potter" franchise producer, that the casting decision that put those three young performers in the roles back at the start of this decade will be remembered as one of the great decisions in show biz history. The movies have so far averaged more than $280 million each.


  • RoupenRoupen Posts: 218
    Inferi Are Scary!
    They can't be or else the rating would go beyond the PG-13!
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    No, Yates made a good point. He said that he knows that the guys who give movies their certificates will be pretty lenient with Harry Potter because it's Harry Potter. Most children know what they're in for when they go to see it, and a lot of adults will aswell, so they'll know if they can't handle it.

    And Empire, a magazine known to be pretty strong-stomached when it comes to blood and guts and explosions and, more importantly scary stuff, said that the Inferi are horrific and are creations that you couln't really imagine being let into a 15 film, let alone a 12A
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    I mean all the children who started with the Franchise (I myself became a fan only after seeing the 2nd film, that's when I started reading book 3) have become at least 17-18+ now. So there's no need to pay attention to keep the rating PG-13 (like the Crappy, boring (except for the last 30 min) Prince Caspian which was extremely child-friendly).
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    Or 16 ; )
  • RoupenRoupen Posts: 218
    you've started late then!
  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
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    I think I started in the beginning of 2000, when I was 7-8. I used to be a slow reader and I left pretty big gaps between the books, so I remember that the night I was taken to see Philosopher's Stone (that was brilliant. I remember going into town and I was specifically being told I wasn't allowed to see the film I had so desperatley wanted to see quite yet, and then my parents surprised me and it turned out they'd already booked tickets. I was so happy, lol) and after I'd seen it, I got back and finished the Goblet of Fire. I just had to read from 'Blood, Flesh and Bone' onwards.

    And then the day I went to see Chamber, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was asleep (yeah, I know, best dream ever, right?) and I woke up late and missed the showing. I was almost in tears when I woke up and thought I'd missed it, lmao

    And no that's not sad, I was 10 XD
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    Ahaha I use to HATE those dreams. Like when you're a lad and you dream that it is christmas and you get the best presents then you wake up and it's actually the middle of May.. yeah. Only I suppose you were the opposite, extatic that you hadn't infact missed the film. And now the film is a bit shit.

    *insert DrakeMadEye insult here*
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  • Wilbo421Wilbo421 Posts: 1,157
    Lol, yeah I know, but they were soo good at the time, right? But now I've grown up a bit and have the later films to compare them to, I can see they are just a big pile of MEH, lol

    I remember a dream I had on Christmas Eve (again, in the middle of the day) and when I woke up (it was still Christmas Eve. And still daylight), I thought I'd slept through the night and that it was Christmas Day, and I checked my stocking and found there was nothing in it. I was almost in tears again, lmao

    I think I must have been seven or eight then, though
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