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David Yates for Fantastic Four Reboot ?

jonny7003jonny7003 Posts: 3,771 ✭✭
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"It all sounds like jumping the gun, but there’s a bunch of directors in contention to bring back Sue Storm, The Human Torch, The Thing and that scientist geezer who can stretch his limbs.

So step up: David Yates, Joe Carnahan and James McTiegue. Actually, Mr. McTiegue, you can sit back down again.

Mr. Yates would bring some much needed drama to proceedings and after his long stint on the Harry Potter flicks, he knows what to do with a special effect sequence when he needs one.

Joe Carnahan is a high-energy, crazy-camera-angle-loving kind of chap and he made The A-Team fun and breezy. But would he cut it in the Marvel world?

If we have to play paper, scissors, rock with these two directors, Marvel would do wonderfully with Yates. But then again, this is all mere speculation and make believe.

Tim Story brought a light and family-orientated glean to the two Fantastic Four he helmed. They weren’t terrible, but some fans found them lacking.

Oh, and last night I dreamed I saw Thor and it was insane with great crane shots, awesome special effects sequences and really great acting. I just hope Ken Branagh’s movie matches the greatness of my own dream…"

Anyone here like superhero movies ? Would Yates be a good choice ?


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