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Teaser poster?

bereskibereski Posts: 354
edited June 2008 in Books
I noticed that, and after few minutes this poster was removed. I don't know is it real, but it's nice.



  • grillzggrillzg Posts: 253
    edited June 2008
    not sure
    thnks 4 uploading....wer did u find it
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    Obviously fan made but a good attempt non the less. A teaser poster would not have that kind of picture. The Harry Potter official logo isn't going to be silvery. And finally the text that has been used is Lumos which is a free font mimmicking the official one whereas the graphics team for HP use a custom font type.
  • PericulumPericulum Posts: 7
    it looks cool. Although it kinda looks like it says "Half-Blood Drince".
  • StarryNightsStarryNights Posts: 132
    I tried to photoshop harry and dumbledore into that picture of the cave a few months ago XD XD

    how ironic..
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