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More about Film 6

bereskibereski Posts: 354
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One thing is weird. Tom Felton said, that there are no so many changes. Above, Tena said, that film have a lot of different elements.


  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    well when you think about nat tena is not what you would call the most die hard hp fan. She may have read the book but she doesnt know THAT much about it and she was only filming for like one day.
  • Thiego NovaisThiego Novais Posts: 40
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    She just have one scene in the movie. She is angry about that and talk all those things. And the burrow scene was put in the movie just to show the Mugge/Wizard conflict and the destruction of Millenium Bridge... Nat Tena just talk shit.
    God, of course there must be some changes!!!!!! Nat Tena just plays it up and actually shes not good in promoting her own films, i mean she talks bad stuff about the sixth film so that some get the clue that its going to be awful, how stupid is that!!!!??
  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 49
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    Not to be biased or anything but I'll take Tom's opinion over an actress who only has one scene in the film. I get why she's ticked off but I think Yates and company have had to condense the muggle struggle in order to make room for the Voldemort and his horcrux story. Which if Nat read the book properly, would understand that's more important anyway.
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    Not too mention yates said he will also be focusing on the awkward teen romance stuff, but judging by all the stuff we know they've filmed, theres quite alot in the film and we should all look forward to it instead of picking out the faults.
  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    What the fck is Tena talking about?

    1.The Millennium Bridge scene is there.
    2.Spinner's End
    4.Extra attack at the Burrow
    5.The Astronomy Tower/Battle at Hogwarts
    6.The mystery about Draco and Snape
    7.Knockturn Alley/Vanishing Cabinet stuff
    9.Scenes with Daily Prophet (from the script that has been leaked, the pic with Hermione...so there will be something to be mentioned)
    10.The lessons with Dumbledore and the Cave thing.

    Actually,it pretty mich has everything. They cut the Prime Minister.And what's with that?
    It'a a good cut, to be honest. And I think there will be enough darkness and mystery.
    It's just the fact that we have Slughorn and Half-Blood Prince, Lavender and romance stuff, Quidditch.And I also think that the aftermath is going to be really emotional and sad. Even Radcliffe had said that the climax is as dark as the OotP's one and not because there's more romance it means that there isn't going to be darkness and action.
    I hope so, at least.
  • Nat Tena once said herself that she got only parts of the script that she was involved. Therefore, we can assume that she has read the script for only ONE scene. Tom Felton, who will appear in several scenes of HBP, is certainly more reliable.

    Moreover, it seems Nat doesn't know much about the book (I mean, she hasn't read DH!!). She said that the book is about how dark forces threatening both wizard and muggle world, which is NOT what the book is all about! And cutting the Prime minister scene does not mean that the information will be lost. We still get a bridge destruction scene and even the added burrow scene to emphasize this point.
  • In addition, Nat said how all elements of the book are changed, and she doesn't even know what the main point of the book is!
  • bereskibereski Posts: 354
    She didn't read the whole script.
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