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Some bad news, guys

blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
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UPDATE: Gretchen was lucky enough to attend the event, and gave a detailed synopsis of the panel discussion (please note that there is strong language, courtesy of Nat Tena). Nat admitted that Dumbledore's funeral will not be in the sixth film, and briefly discussed Tonks and Remus's relationship in Half-Blood Prince:

She said that in the next movie [Remus and Tonks] have "all these yearning looks. Would they hold hands? No, I don't think they would hold hands, they'd just be near each other and be cool, and then run off to have naughty sex."

So the funeral is cut for good.
The whole Tonks/Lupin thing seems to be quite fun though.
But she didn't tell anything about the amount of screentime she's having in the film.
I wonder how they'll work the aftermath. I actually think that Fawkes' song and flight will be included, and there will be some grieving scenes and perhaps they'll only show the white tomb on the shore of the lake with CGI etc.without any guests etc.Which is bad.


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