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grillzggrillzg Posts: 253
edited May 2008 in General
Hi evry1 who thinks we need a moderator.......
we need to sort all the useless discussion and ban useless members who dont have a life..

please support me on this.
and admins please respond to this.

help much appreciated


  • blackvenomblackvenom Posts: 3,257
    i'd like to be a moderator,though.

    and I agree with u.
  • StarryNightsStarryNights Posts: 132
    Hear Hear!

    I'm sick and tired of people posting FAKE posters and claiming them as legit!!! :@
  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    This place does need a mod badly, but the freedom is still needed.
  • Harry James PotterHarry James Potter Posts: 332
    I agree I'm with you.
  • witless witchwitless witch Posts: 102
    edited May 2008
    yup,we so need to get rid of mike and T_W_B_L.
    hes a total pervert
  • UnleashedUnleashed Posts: 77
    Why Mike...? Where is proof that he is a complete fake?
  • UnleashedUnleashed Posts: 77
    Wow I'm tired.
  • grillzggrillzg Posts: 253
    Does anybody know who the admin is........from the "ABOUT SPOILERS" topic i can see that he was last active on april 26th......"what an admin"
  • PotatoPotato Posts: 130
    Hey ben, this is the resting place for people like us. The torch is carried on...
  • yeah
    they dont seem to understand no admin's gonna help them
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