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A Harry Potter Fan-Fic (spoilers for book seven and probably more)

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My user name is pronounced Ra-shae
I wanted to make a Harry Potter Fan-Fic so hear it goes
The first chapter takes place 2 years after the epilogue in book seven
by the way, I have no Idea what color of eyes Ginny has. So if someone could tell me?

Chapter 1
A beautiful woman sat in a hospital bed gazing fondly at her new daughter. The woman had dazzling orange hair and the baby had jet black, but they had the same eyes.
A tall man burst though the door, "Ginny!" He exclaimed with joy, "she's beautiful," he said as he walked toward the bed,"What should we name her?"
"I was hoping you could help me with that Harry" Ginny laughed as her husband sat down on the edge of the bed. "but I would like to name her something unique," She said," All of our other children have been named after some one, James Albus, and Lilly. Not that there's anything wrong with that!" Ginny added at the slight look of hurt on Harry's face,"All of those were fine people, but I want her to have an interesting name."
"Thats fine," Harry said, "did you have anything in mind?"
Ginny smiled,"Well, I was thinking Rachae, spelled like Rachael but without an 'l' at the end," Ginny sugested, "It just seemed, interesting"
"Then Rachae it is!" Harry announced. Ginny laughed and then the door opened again and there stood two boys and a girl.
"Can we come in?" the girl asked, looking anxious.
Ginny smiled at her other three children,"Well of course,Lily," she said and they walked thorough the doorway and went to look at their little sister.
"She's adorable!" Lily gasped when saw her,"Have you named her?" she asked,looking up at her parents.
"Almost," Harry said, "your Mother came up with Rachae, is that alright with you?"
"Sure" the boys chorused, then James teased,"looks just like you when you were born Albus"
"Does not!" Albus said, angry,"She's a girl"
"Exactly," James laughed.
Ginny looked exasperated,"Really boys, do you have to?"
The boys looked embarrassed,"No" they muttered and then fell silent.
Lily laughed and then said,"I like the name"
"Ok then," Ginny said," Its settled"


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