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The Prettiest Chicks in Harry Potter Movies

whitemomowhitemomo Posts: 47
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Who do you think qualify as the prettiest or hottest chicks in all of the five movies? Name your votes :D


  • julienjulien Posts: 10
    hmmm, the girls from Beauxbatons in HP4? i think that takes the cake for me. ;)
  • I think that Tonks was really hot. I hate to admit it, but Bellatrix was pretty sexy too. Of course Hermione has been babe-in it up recently as well.
  • abineshabinesh Posts: 84
    hmmm.... i like ginny the most. and yes the beauxbatons girls were awesome really !!
  • whitemomowhitemomo Posts: 47
    Well Ginny is supposed to be pretty but she does not appear much in the 5th movie :(
    I agree Fleur Delacour is pretty too. I have a fleeting glimpse that Bellatrix is also pretty. I know her hair and her make up were arranged so that she looked ugly but she can't hide the fact that she's quite good looking.
  • Bellatrix is cool and so is Tonks but as a girl I must say that Hermione and Fleur are hot...I asume that Narcissa will be really HOT but in some wicked way like Bellatrix.Other girls are well normal with some specifics like Cho is just regular girl (nonething special) Ginny is cute but I think that with every movie and book she gets more and more beautiful and Loona is a WEIRD and she looks like she is high all the time
  • RegencyyRegencyy Posts: 18
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    Whahaha I will chose for ginny ofcourse she's beautiful and is gettin' more beautiful by the day
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  • HP-freakHP-freak Posts: 5
    i have fuckt fleur o no that wase a dream haha
  • Hermione, tonks, ginny are all pretty but the hottest chick has to be bellatrix.
  • PericulumPericulum Posts: 7
    Luna and Tonks. Hottest chicks from the movies.
  • Harry James PotterHarry James Potter Posts: 332
    Ginny Is The Prettiest Then Hermione Then Luna.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 11
    I think that Ginny is extremely pretty as is Hermione (much prettier in the film than book - but that's just my opinion). Luna has amazing hair! I think that all the girls that take part in the films are really pretty. I think that the actress who was chosen to play Fleur could have been a bit more dazzling though.. after all she is supposed to be part Veela.
  • EmmA'sFANEmmA'sFAN Posts: 48
    Hermione...Hermione...Hermione...I really LOVE her...it's so hot and so sweety...yeah...she is BEAUTIFUL!!!...;-)....xD....:0...:P:P
  • AlonseRAlonseR Posts: 19
    Tonks, Bellatrix, Luna and Ginny! (:
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