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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Review by none other than.....ME!

lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
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Hello my fellow Harry Potter Forum members. I would like to share my experience at the WWOHP with you all. I am lucky enough to live only 15 minutes away from Universal Studios in Orlando and have an annual membership there. For the past week and a half I have been at the WWOHP every single day. The scenery is breathtaking and will make any Potter fan jump for joy at the sight of its beauty. The street there is quite narrow and at times I felt like a sardine in a can as it was always crowded there. During the first 10 days of opening the WWOHP has drawn in massive crowds. In the early morning if you want to go to the WWOHP first; you must get a blue ticket from the park employees handing them out at the entrance and wait in line until 9am when they start letting people in. At that time you may enter only from the Jurassic Park side and not from the other side where the Lost Continent is, as that side is the exit. It remains like so until about 10:30am every morning and then all resumes to normal where you may enter from either side and no longer need the tickets to enter. At that time the street of the WWOHP is already filled with people lining up every where for something. I asked a park employee how long this was going to go on every morning and he replied most likely for the first month because everyone wants to be there first in the morning at the WWHOP.

Every shop there you would have to wait in line before entering the store as it would be so crowded and you would not be able to browse around. Zonkos Joke shop was rather small and didn't have a lot of items, but the staff was very cheerful and a great laugh. Joined next to Zonkos was Honeydukes, where you'll find all sorts of sweets from chocolate frogs to bertie botts every flavor beans. Right out the front door of Honeydukes in the middle of the street is a huge wagon in the shape of a barrel on its side where you may purchase a refreshing and very popular drink in Hogsmeade called Butter Beer. It is served cold or you may have it frozen in the form of an icee drink. There are two lines formed just for this beverage with an estimated wait time of 20 minutes before you reach the wagon to order your delicious butter beer that was well worth the wait.

Next door to Honeydukes, you find The Three Broomsticks which is always crowded and there is also a long line with an est. wait time of 25 minutes to be seated. The Three Broomsticks serves great Fish and chips platters and awesome shepards pies and butterbeer as well, the food there was very tasty. At the rear of the Three Broomsticks you'll find the Hogshead where you order your butterbeer, pumpkin juice or ciders of apple or pear.

Other shops in the area include Dervish and Bangs, which is an awesome shop selling quidditch supplies from bludgers to quaffles and even golden snitches. They even have the nimbus 2000 and the firebolt. You may purchase your robes here as well as quidditch jerseys. There are items like sneakoscopes, remembrals and omnioculars that you may also purchase. Here is also where the Monster Book of Monsters is available for purchase.

In the Owl Post you'll find dozens of owls resting and see and hear howlers on display. I spoke with store employees about making and selling custom howlers where the customers can record their own voices in a message and put it in a personalized howler so they can send it to friends and family. They loved the idea and we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. The Owl Post is also a post office where you can drop off you post cards or letters and it will be sent stamped with an authentic Hogsmeade postmark which is wickedly awesome. And other items you may find there are owl toys and writing quils and paper and stamps.

The most popular shop would have to be Ollivanders. The wait here is ridiculously long and the Florida sun beating down on you doesn't help either. In Ollivanders you find replica wands from the HP series, you also have other wands such as oak, hollow, willow, etc to choose from. Each looking different and coming in different sizes, not to worry though, shop employees work one on one with you to help you find the right wand for you as they present them all to you.

And then at last you find Filche's Emporium, which is the also the exit for the HP and the Forbidden Journey ride. There you'll find t shirts, collectibles and souvenirs.


  • lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
    There are 3 rides at the WWOHP, one would be the Dragon Challenge. The ride was formally the Dueling Dragons. Once you entered the ride, the path splits and lets you choose between the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail. Both are completely different coasters that are launched at the same time and take on different paths and even come close to eachother during loops.

    Another Ride is the Flight of the Hippogriff, this ride is a childrens coaster and is a great starter for children. And the Bad Boy of them all, the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. OMG! The wait was an average of 1 hour sometimes 1 1/2 hours. There are times when it seems to be moving smoothly and then there are times when you feel like you're going to die from being impatient at dead stops. Once inside the castle you see talking paintings that carry on conversations suchs as who is going to win in Quidditch. You also see the mirror of erised, Dumbledore's golden eagle statue that leads you to his office and Dumbledore office with him in there giving you advice on the ride coming up. You then move on to the Defense against the Dark Arts room where you find Ron, Harry and Hermoine giving you instructions. Once you pass this area, it is time for the ride. The seats are constantly moving and you have to walk on a conveyor and seat yourself rather quickly or you'll miss your ride. Once you are on you follow Harry on the ride of your life as you get to experience a ride that feels like you are in the movies. It has excellent flying scenes and you come face to face with Aragog and his little ones, dementors, the womping willow and the hungarian horntail. You soar all over the grounds of Hogwarts and on to the quidditch field as well as you see Ron save the goal and Malfoy butt in while Harry is chasing the snitch. You go down into the beams weaving around in and out like in the movie Chamber of Secrets when the rogue bludger was on Harry's tail. You then soar into the Great Hall where you are greeted by Dumbledore and everyone else. The ride is amazing and one of a kind. It was well worth the wait and IMO the greatest ride there at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. The WWOHP is truly jaw dropping and amazing. I give it a 8 out of 10 because the street was too narrow and shops seemed too tight and small. But the ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey receives a 10 out 10, two thumbs up, 5 stars as it is truly an astonishing jaw dropping experience. Come and live it folks!!! You will not be disappointed.
  • GodricGryffindorGodricGryffindor Posts: 5,756 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm going in November!!!
  • NickNick Posts: 20,653 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • TheDoctorTheDoctor Posts: 3,941 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Going in 2 and a half weeks! Thanks for the review!
  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,713 mod
    Nick your going?!? Wat bout me i wanna go!!!!!
  • NickNick Posts: 20,653 ✭✭✭✭✭
    well then ill take u with me buddy
  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,713 mod
    So effing cool ima start saving ok?!?
  • NickNick Posts: 20,653 ✭✭✭✭✭
    sounds AMAZING
  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,713 mod
    Right!!!!! Just let me know wen u go lol!! If only we could see DH together....
  • lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
    Oh Yeah.........I forgot to mention...........don't bother buying the express pass that lets you bypass the regular waiting line............for HP and the Forbidden Journey they don't allow the fast passes.........at least not yet..............maybe a couple more months and they would.............and if the line is really long and wait time is over 60min. then I suggest going to the singles line..........you may not be able to ride with your friends as you are plugged in to empty seats............but the line moves rather quickly........
  • decarusdecarus Posts: 5,953 ✭✭✭
    I love that they have those singles lines at Islands of Adventure. Someone was thinking. I always do that.
  • zipbagszipbags Posts: 123
    I am going to Disneyworld in August. Without a car it will be expensive to head over to Universal for just those rides. I will be going back to Orlando next April. And will be going to Universal then. Although, with all of these great reviews I might break down and go over to Universal. :)
  • lupinshowllupinshowl Posts: 369
    Hey zipbags.......skip disney world.........disney is not good at all..............all the rides are like 50 years old.........and any new rides they got are not even worth the long waits........disney only sells cause of the name itself...........and not to mention a crap load of kids that don't know any better beg their parents to take them there.....Universal is so much cooler............the simpsons ride and the new coaster rip tide rocket at Universal are awesome............then at Islands of Adventure you got the Hulk, spiderman, the dragon challenge and the new HP and the Forbidden Journey ride which is the best ride in all of Orlando's theme parks............go to Universal & Islands of Adventures....get the 2 park pass...........it is worth it......Disney is not worth it..........trust me..........
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