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WWOHP previews

jonny7003jonny7003 Posts: 3,771 ✭✭
edited May 2010 in General

Seen the videos. Not keen on the singing. What do you think ?


  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,713 mod
    Ive seen them and theyre great,only the hippogriff ride was too short...But everything else was perfect!!!!
  • aaronaaron Posts: 20,950 mod
    I think the singing is very lame, they could've just stuck with Double Trouble and been done with it. Also, the Durmstrang actors probably need to have more training....but you know us Potter fans, we're picky. The park looks absolutely extraordinary. I don't understand how any true fan could go without buying up the whole park. Some of the merchandise in there.....its effing amazing.

    The hippogriff ride was kinda short, but it still looks fun. The breathtaking recreation of Hagrid's Hut is the highlight of the queue. And the Forbidden Journey queue....steps it up a whole new notch. It looks SO AWESOME! The dragon challenge looks amazing too, I love the signs during the queue except there's none for Cedric. :(
  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,713 mod
    Yeah the singing kinda sucked but I can live with it....
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