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quality quidditch style?

laura de lunelaura de lune Posts: 1
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has anyone noticed the change in quality and style of hogwart's quidditch teams? what i mean is; to me, there seems to have been a shift in the style. in the first three movies, the game was shown in a smoother, fast paced type of way, at more of a distance, whilst still getting in amongst it.
however, in the newer movies, such as the half-blood prince, it seems to have taken on a slightly 'heavy', and slow style, with a lot of up-close camera work. for example, look at the differences in style between oliver wood and ron's playing style at the same position.
i wondered what you all thought of this shift in style. personally, i liked the earlier depictions of quidditch, it seemed more energized and clean and skillful. it's kind of sad for me when i see the team without the twins, oliver and the girls. but that's just me.

did anyone else notice the change in how the films depicted quidditch? which do you like better? thoughts? opinions? the old team or the new team? yay or nay?


  • MicroFXMicroFX Posts: 555 ✭✭
    Well that's down to the film-making team behind it, i.e. the cinematography, art direction and director. And as we all know, these have changed throughout the films so we were bound to see different styles and methods of approaching the game. In half-blood prince the focus wasn't on quidditch at all, it was only used as a tool to drive Ron's story whereas in the previous films it was more of an introduction to the game.
  • RichardRichard Posts: 48,701 mod
    i just hate that yates fucked up the final quidditch game of thseries!!
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