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Vote Harry Potter Ps2 Games on Ps4

PatricierPatricier Posts: 254 ✭✭
Found this interesting article on the Ps2 games Sony will consider allowing to be put on Ps4: [url]http://www.gamepur.com/news/21505-sony-wants-hear-your-suggestions-ps2-ps4-backwards-compatibility-says-we.html[/url]

Personally, I am hoping for all of the Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts games to be available on there, though for the latter I'd much prefer the Ps3 HD Remixes be available instead. Having the Ps2 versions get voted on may be a way to get them to consider it, plus even if they don't we have the next best thing to getting to actually play them on the Ps4. If anyone could please help me out by voting for some of my choices too it would be very much appreciated. I'd even help you guys vote for your choices as well :)
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