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The Snatcher Chase

timelesstimeless Posts: 72
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Is there more than one? Because I recall reading that Dave Legeno and 20 + Death Eater and Snatcher extras were on set however in the preview there were only 6 or 7 tops. So do the rest of them join the fight later in the sequence or is there two different ones?


  • decarusdecarus Posts: 5,953 ✭✭✭
    I have thought that the trio gets split up while they are running from the snatchers. There is a shot of all three of them running from the snatchers, there is a shot where Harry jumps over a fallen tree followed by Hermione as they are chased, and there is a shot of Harry running alone. Some of that was probably for close ups. We can't really know for certain, but it seems like Ron either splits off from the other two first or gets captured first. They may say something like split up and meet somewhere. I don't think we know for certain.

    It is possible that they could all disaparate somewhere and then immediately have the argument about horcruxes verses hallows where Harry says the taboo word. They also may simply all get captured while they are being chased and then taken to Malfoy Manor.

    I do think that they were filming other scenes besides just the snatcher chase scene though. I think there was a mention of Harry chasing a rabbit and Hagrid's body double on set. They could also have just been doing some shots of the snatchers running. There was also a few shots of the trio and a fourth person running, but we don't know what scene that was from. It was a different scene, but it is unknown where it will take place at.

    They are always a little fast and lose with the editing during trailers and clips, so it is hard to know exactly what we are seeing.
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