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Deathly Hallows - Snatcher Scene rumour

jonny7003jonny7003 Posts: 3,771 ✭✭
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Sorry for posting this late, but I just found out that it's been rumoured that the Snatcher Scene in DH will take place in a derelict block of flats.

The scene will consist of Harry, Ron and Hermione pitching their tent in an abandoned block of flats in East London. Apparently, Hermione triggers the Taboo and Greyback's Snatcher gang enter the building by climbing up the side walls. All of the Snatchers are said to be Werewolves and they chase the trio through the commartments, using their parkour/freerunning skills (as they are played by freerunners Adam Bradshaw, Sam Parham and Chase Armitage).

I don't know whether to believe this, as it comes from a leaked script from 2009. Also, we saw some people chasing the trio through a forest in the Blu-ray preview. What do you think ?


  • azk_iiazk_ii Posts: 6
    Fake i'd say.

    Yates told us about the snatcher chase while they were filming it in the woods.
  • decarusdecarus Posts: 5,953 ✭✭✭
    I say fake. We have seen multiple scenes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione running through the woods on the day of the snatcher chase scene. I also don't think that that there will be any moment where the trio are in the tent and say the taboo word. It is possible that they will say the taboo word and the snatchers will come, but there is no time cut between all of those scenes. The trio go and speak to Xenophilius at his house, they house gets attacked and they run for it, the trio are then chased by the snatchers/death eaters and captured, the snatchers question them about who they are and take them to malfoy manor, the group all escapes malfoy manor and disapparates to the beach at shell cottage, dobby dies on the beach, they bury dobbby and then speak to griphook and ollivander in shell cottage. All the same day and night. The kids are wearing the same clothes in all of these scenes. The film will split sometime during these scenes.
  • GodricGryffindorGodricGryffindor Posts: 5,756 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you look at Hermione´s clothes during in the BLU RAY preview (Snatchers chasing) and some pictures when they filmed Dobby´s burial in Shell Cottage she is wearing the same clothes, so you are right.
  • decarusdecarus Posts: 5,953 ✭✭✭
    As well as in the photo with Harry and Ron sitting with Xenophilius in the back ground. Harry and Ron are wearing the same clothes that they are wearing at Malfoy Manor and at Shell Cottage. I really think it is all the same day and night.
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