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James Sirius Potter

golden_hairgolden_hair Posts: 3
edited March 2010 in General
James Sirius Potter. What do you think he looks like?
Is he a good, strong character? Do you have a fondness
for him like you do all the other characters?

I believe that James 2 is as strong and in place as the Whomping
Willow, but his conclusion is unknown. I think that this is a good
thing, because it seems a bit much to reveal all of what happens
after DH. As for the fondness, I am nearly as fond of him as
I am with Harry. As for appearance, I think this:

Black hair like Harry's
Brown eyes like Ginny's
Fairly tall

What do you think? I have never really thought about this before,
so I am keen to know what other Potter lovers think.
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