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I'm pretty sure that my good luck streak has ended.

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I received not one, but two pieces of new news today...

1) TWIB is being released straight to DVD here. No cinema release :(

2) The Hub Productions posted this on facebook:
Just a quick update for Hubwarts. The Hub is still working hard with Entertainment Legends Management (ELM) to try and get guests signed for the upcoming event. We dont just want to sign anyone, we want Harry Potter guests that you will want to meet! If we are unable to secure suitable guests we will update you all. We did have one of the main cast signed to come out. However, after their first appearance with another promoter they are now refusing to do any other events. If you are holding off buying tickets because no guests are announced yet we understand your decision and we thank everyone for their patience with us on this. We hope to have something for you soon.


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