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New info on DH

SamlanSamlan Posts: 1
edited November 2009 in General
I have some great news about the upcoming DH films.

- Rita Skeeter will be one of the people reporting Scrimgeours speech and Mr. Weasley will be present also.
- There will be more detail during the polyjuice transformations we will see the characters height, eyes, hair, facial shapes ect change like never before!
- Hedwig will be killed as Harry and Hagrid exit the tunnel.
- Voldemort and the Death Eaters will be knocked back by the house protection similar to the short scene in HBP.
- Aunt Muriel will question Harry's sanity at the wedding
- During the attack at the wedding Greyback will fight Lupin and the DE will raid the Burrow.
- There will be a battle in the ministry atrium between the muggle-borns and death eaters
- We will see Yaxley and Alecto taking a note of students blood status at the Hogwarts gate

That is all for now.


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