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Deathly Hallows sneak Peek Description

tomoktomok Posts: 1
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I picked up my copy today of the HBP DVD
I Watchd the deatly hallows clip several times and heres what i recall

- Dan Radcliffe introduces the clip
- Quick shots of The trio inside Grimauld Place
- Dan talks about how Voldemort has fully risen to power and how hes infultrated the Ministry of Magic and how Hogwarts is under Death eater control
- Quick shots of Death eaters inside hogwarts.
- Shots of a menacing looking black tower, bellatrix causing an enourmous Chandelier to fall, Nagini towering above Harry.
- Dan says that Both Harry and voldemort are on different quests,
- Shots of Ralph Fiennes in a big hooded cloak in the woods
- Dan talks about old faces making a return , then we see shots of umbridge in pink death eater get up, Proffessor sprout, Slughorn, Narcissa and Lucius together and some new faces, we get our first glimpse of 'ageing hippie' Xeno Lovgood in Yellow waistcoat, and brief Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeor, who has a mane of hair.
-David yates talks about pulling out all of the stops for the final films
- Shots of the trio running through the woods.
- Yates says that splitting the films into two was a no brainer.
- David Heyman says that this is the film the fans fans have been waiting for, and they wanted to include everything the possibly could.
- Heyman talksabout great scenes from the book, and we get a glimpse of the new Ministry of magic set, Malfoy manor (which is incredibly grand)and includes a shot of the malfoys, the death eaters and Voldemort around an enourmous table.
- Yates says they have yet to film the climx of Part two but it will be epic on a new scale, we see shots of concept art of an army of giants descending on hogwarts and spiders crawling up the sides of the castle and an anomatic of one of hogwarts towers crumbling and collapsing.
- Dan Talks about finally finishing the Films and how strange it will be to move on
- Heyman says that the Potter films will leave an extraordinary legacy and it was an honour to have been a part.


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