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Would you like to be Voldemort?!

JoJo Posts: 24
edited November 2009 in General
If i could have his powers... yes I would like to be him!
If it was by his appearence... not really!!!


  • keetkeet Posts: 600
    i would.... id kill all the people i didnt like ha ha! *aannnddd the people arrive to cart me off in the white van*
  • SPEWSPEW Posts: 15
    No, he is too evil. He only thinks of himself and thinks that the world was made for him. Plus to have no hair, no eye brows, no nose, I'll pass. Plus, no one loved him and he loved no one. People worshiped him out of fear and followed him out of fear, no one enjoyed his presence. Only Bellatrix cause she was crazy and was as crazy as a witch can be.
  • nah . his mind is full of evil things or maybe sure coz he's brilliant only, he use his brain on bad things ..
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